Day 29: Centuries Getting Better

Julissa stepped up today to take the ride dedication for a portrait we did recently. Sargent Dewyane Schweinler died of lung cancer in 2002 and we interviewed his daughter who expressed her struggle in dealing with his passing.

As a special Father’s day surprise for our resident dads (Tyler and Zach and even Logan) we organized a special effort to ramble the troops and roll out extra early this morning. Tyler was so pleased at the 7:08 line up that he “nearly fainted”. As a special Dad’s day touch Madeline made the Mosher for the dads to talk about their favorite memory being the team dad.

This century felt so much different than the last. With slightly cooler weather and not too much elevation change there were exactly ZERO accidents and we arrived in Minneapolis at about 6:00. As we have come to realize about the land outside of major cities, most of today’s views were farmlands or what David referred to as “the wild”. When we arrived at the stayover, Hennepin Methodist Church we were all in awe. This is hands down the nicest church we ever stayed at complete with couches (beds) and showers. To top it off Christina Su organized a donated pizza dinner for the whole team.

Even the brief views I was surprised that Minneapolis was such a nice city and also very biker friendly.  Most of the team is looking forward to having the day off tomorrow to explore the city of fix up their bikes.



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  • Charles Su says:

    A special thank you to Xiangwen Zhang, my high school classmate from 39 years ago.

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