Day 25: Dippin in at Devil’s Lake

Day 25: Logan had the ride dedication today in honor of his teacher’s father who passed away from pancreatic cancer.

It was a bit tricky leaving Madison this morning because of all of the trails. Our day in the heart of UW Madison campus yesterday might have been the one of the best so far. As of late the team has been taking more time to enjoy small moments in the places we visit, and we decided that it would be a good idea to jump in the lake in t shirts and shorts after the long and hot ride. We also watched the sunset on the terrace to cap off the night. Their Union gives the one at U of I a run for its money. @UofI alcohol at the Union=$$$$

Today was somewhat of a challenging day, but it completely changed when we spent our lunch rest stop at Devil’s Lake State Park. By the time we stopped most of us were soaked in sweat from the humidity and climbing, so we jumped in the lake (which was surprisingly warm) to cool off. Since most of us come from Illinois, seeing the cliffs in the backdrop of the lake prompted us all to take pictures. It seems the further west we head the most beautiful the sights we begin to see.

Although the weather channel told us that we would experience rain later in the day most of us doubted it. Unfortunately, we were caught in a sudden thunderstorm in the last 20 miles of the ride. For shelter my group went to a veterinary office awning and waited out the rain. To pass the time we played charades and made up raps until we got the go signal from Tyler.

And of course rule #1 was not broken today as we noticed our church home for the night just HAPPENED to be on the top of one of the only hills in the town (apparently). To celebrate this tradition my team chanted “rule number one, rule number one, as we pedaled to the top”.

Special thanks to Julissa, Jessica and Rebecca for finding the team food for tonight! We were lucky enough to pick up some taco’s and pizzas from some local places in Reedsville.

Wisco you have been treatin’ us well so far.


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