Day 18: Back in the ‘Paign

Crazy day today crossing the border from Indiana back into sweet home Champaign-Urbana. Near perfect conditions for the first 20 miles of the ride were followed by some strong headwinds for the middle and end of the 77 miler. We all celebrated when we saw the Illinois state border sign, and were able to capture some pictures of us scaling the top of it.

When we arrived we were greeted by a crowd of family and friends as we rolled up to Alma Mater to take pictures and then headed to Illini Grove for a potluck picnic complete with more Chipotle, pulled pork and even homemade ice cream (thank you Jeff).

Being back to our familiar campus surroundings felt nice but surreal. Coming back to Champaign, it almost felt as though all the miles we have covered leading up to this point had not actually happened, or that all of our journey leading up to Illinois was only an extended practice route. Which, according to veteran members of the team “the ride doesn’t even start until after Chicago” so perhaps from New York up to now actually was an extended practice ride after all.

Countdown until Chicago count: 2 days




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