Day 15: A Century a Day…

The dedication today was in honor of Logan’s grandparents. Both of them battled different forms of cancer and eventually passed some time ago.

Shameless plug alert: birthday shoutout to myself to Tyler.

First century today! In order to conquer the 100 mile stretch between Columbus and Richmond Indiana many groups today spent the 20 mile intervals between rest stops chatting or listening to music. We were lucky today that we had minimal turns, spending most of the day on route 40. My group today was introduced to “the hot seat” by veteran rider Tyler. This game consists of singling out one person in the group and having the other people ask as many personal questions which can be as intimate or silly as they please.  This game was able to entertain our group for over 80 miles and we barely minded the distance we had covered.

Leaving from Ohio at around 7:30 we arrived in Indiana at around 8:00.  By the time the team regrouped at the stayover together, all of us looked pretty defeated. From sore bottoms to extreme hunger and tiredness, everyone seemed ready for a 10:00 bed time.

Feeling accomplished that we did our first century but hoping that we don’t have another one for a while.

Currently accepting chamois butter donations.



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