6/16 – Land of 10,000 Lakes

Today we made our way into Minnesota, our 7th state on this trip. The Midwest seems to really vary on the characteristics of its states. From hilly and bumpy Ohio to beautiful and fun filled Wisconsin, it seems as though each state is a whole new world…at least to me(a southern fella). But even though the paths may be horrible, hilly, or confusing, every day is amazing. Over just the past few days, we’ve biked through state parks and old railroad paths, we’ve spontaneously swam in lakes, we’ve waited out a thunderstorm in a gas station car wash, and we’ve told endless stories and jokes. This ride has been amazing so far and with roughly two thirds of it left to go, I’m looking forward to every moment. Even the West, where food may be sparse and cell signal even more so.

That’s all for now, this is Dolfin Killa/Florida Man/Mason Derulo, signing off

P.S. A “dolphin” where I come from is a fish, not like Flipper…a bottlenose dolphin is like Flipper

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  • Judy Trotta says:

    did you remember that Matt was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin? I visited your Aunt Janet just before he was born and I saw the bike trail you were on and the beautiful countryside. I knew you’d like Wisconsin. Happy biking through Minnesota, honey. I have a friend who lives in Madison, SD about an hour south of where you’ll be riding. I told her to watch for you! I love reading I4K daily blogs. Stay safe & happy–love from your Aunt Judy.

  • Janet kinghorn says:

    Mason, did you ride through Sparta, WI? We lived right down the street from that great bike trail and I walked Matt on that when he was a newborn.

  • Christina Camilleri says:

    I hope you made it to the hot springs in Thermopolis Wyoming. It was a pleasure to meet you in Worland. You’re an awesome group!

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