New York Was Pretty Cool

We finally made it out of New York. It is incredible how different riding in Illinois is compared to everything east of Cleveland. Essentially it comes down the distinct lack of corn and land that isn’t flat. The first few days of riding on hills were interesting. No one on the team, except for previous riders, really knew what to expect in terms of hills. But on those first few days, I know everytime I saw a big hill I would just think: “I can’t f@!#ing climb this thing”. But you do. We all do. You just keep pedaling, and it might suck, but you make it to the top. And it is incredible how rewarding it feels. Then in the distance you can see another hill and a different thought crosses your mind: “S#!t”. But you climb that one too, and the 10 other hills for that day. It honestly feels great and it’s a ton of fun. Exhausting for sure, but well worth it. It teaches you a lot about your own mental strength. I’m looking forward to the hills in Zanesville, OH.

Phil “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first” Kagebein

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  • Jeff Alioto says:

    This is something I will print, frame, and memorize. It certainly applies to riding, but so many other unintended challenges as well. Ride-on, PK!

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