Day 8: Rub Some Dirt in It

The ride dedication today for in honor of a close friend of mine’s mother. Annie’s mom, Sheila, was diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant.  Due to her pregnancy she was not able to undergo treatment until after she gave birth. Unfortunately, treatment was started too late and Sheila died shortly after. One of the qualities I admire most in Annie is her strength and it was an honor to ride for her mom today.

The ride conditions today could not have been better: 70-degree weather, slight breeze, views of Lake Eerie, and a short ride day of only 59 miles. The team took the time to enjoy the lake views today at a rest stop and took pictures on the beach.

We arrived earlier than usual at our stayover and about half to team took the opportunity to walk 2 miles to the beach and relax. Westfield is a small town in the middle of grape country, and during the ride today we noticed a vineyard with a Welch’s sign.

We have not had to make our own dinner for five nights now, due to the dedication of Julissa, who is tasked with the position of calling restaurants and asking for food donations for the team. Tonight’s successful calls resulted in a carb lover’s dream of pizza, grilled cheese, and potato chips. No one was complaining.

Day three without a shower, but it seems the team hardly notices. The team has adopted the mindset that “if all of us smell, none of us smell”, which has helped a lot.

Before actually being on the ride, I was worried that the living conditions would make life difficult. However, the minimalist lifestyle has been eye-opening for me. And I actually have gotten rid of a few things I deemed to be excessive in the past few days such an extra towel, and an old t shirt. I think that living in this way for 11 weeks will really lower my living standards (in a good way) and make me more inclined to live a more minimalist lifestyle that I have adopted on this trip once I return to my normal life.

Staying clean by any means necessary (baby wipes)



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