Day 1: Ups and Downs

Quote of the day: “51 Kickapoos?  I wasn’t even counting but I bet Josh was just Joshing” – Neeca

Firstly, huge shout out to Bipin and his family for graciously hosting our team the past 2 days, we are very grateful for your hospitality.

I would compare the first day of Illini 4000 like so; have you come home one night feeling really optimistic, and then accidentally walked face first into a screen door (and maybe then ripped the door off the hinges)? If so, then you would understand how I4k day 1 felt today.

Although the team suffered few losses today, the metaphorical screen door was not enough to bring down team morale. The route from Central Park to Beacon, located in upstate New York, consisted of scenic views of the New York City skyline, the Hudson Bay and River, Victorian style homes nestled along the water in small towns, and Bear Mountain.  It baffled me that this type of rustic beauty was located only 30 miles away from the biggest city in the country.

Even though 63 miles is considered a shorter route for the team, we climbed more than 3,600 feet of elevation and descended 3,500 feet in total.  Broken down this entailed many climbs and many downhill speed rushes. Because the team was not used to this type of speed burst, there was a downhill collision (which resulted in no serious injury), a flat tube and a busted tire, and some heat induced nausea.

Overall, if every day of this ride has the weather, views, and feeling of fellowship amongst members like today, then I would consider this summer one of the best of my life.

Lesson of the day: exercise caution on downhill rolls.



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