Day 3: Team Member Tuesday

Quick notes about the ride today: although there was a lot of uphill climbing, being able to speed down a hill at 30mph +, along with the gorgeous rural hilly scenery and rolling through cute towns made it all worth it.  Upstate New York does not get enough credit. Little Falls, NY, where we are spending the night tonight, is a quaint town with wooden olden style large houses surrounded by hills.

This morning we dedicated the ride to a teacher at Neeca’s high school.

“Alexa was a beautiful English teacher and water polo coach at Elk Grove High School. She was very much a hippie.  Even though I didn’t have her as a teacher she was always smiling.  Although I knew that she had beat cancer previously I thought that she was done. She was so tough. In April of last year she passed away. During the memorial service at the school I started crying when I heard her husband speak, and I’m not a crier.”

Today is the first segment of Team member Tuesday. Each week a rider will be interviewed in this feature series.

Rider: Neeca

Year in school: Rising sophomore

Favorite things about Illini 4000 thus far: Bonding with the team and all the inside jokes

Least favorite thing about Illini 4000 thus far: HILLS

One thing that surprised you about this trip: All this year leading up to the trip we heard about how we could only bring a small backpack and that we wouldn’t shower everyday, but I thought they were exaggerating.  They weren’t. Lights out at 10 and having only a short time to get ready in the morning these past days have shown me how slow I move in everyday life.

Do you think after this trip you will love or hate biking? Probably love it…in Illinois

After this summer you will have biked across the continental US, what is another thing you hope to accomplish? I want to run a half marathon in the spring of 2018

What are you looking forward to the most? Going to everyone’s weddings on the team.

Favorite CLIF flavor? Blueberry crisp

PBJ or spaghetti with lentils? PBJ

Sink laundry or all natural? Sink laundry for sure

Slow and steady or FAUC (fast as you can)? Slow and steady

Summarize I4k in one word: dirty

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Don’t forget to stretch,


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