I can’t feel my legs!

So this weekend was the longest I have ever been on a bike. Yesterday, the team biked to Allerton Park and back and completed around 70 miles, an average I4K distance…I was internally crying the entire time!! Oh yeah those 70 miles really took a tole on my legs and mind. There was a point after the first rest stop where we we’re facing direct head wind and I questioned every decision I had made to ever put myself in that position. It wasn’t physical pain I was feeling but mental pain. You know? When you’re consistently bringing yourself down? To be completely honest, I wanted to stop riding right then and there and just walk back home. We took a break and it wasn’t until then that I realized how lucky I was to be doing what I was doing with my team. No one judged me as I was struggling to keeping pushing through that head wind, we were all struggling together. No one cared that I consistently kept calling “gap” when I started to fall behind. If it wasn’t for my team I would have not been able to finish that ride. These people I get to spend my entire summer with are some of the most amazing team mates I’ve ever had. Shoutout to my group for putting themselves in weird formations so that I could receive the least amount of wind! I couldn’t be any happier knowing that this team always has my back. Though this summer is going to be tough, at least I’ll know I’m not the only one who can’t feel her legs!

Oh wait there’s more…there is no better feeling than when that head wind turns to tail wind. When we started to get that tail wind we easily hit 20mph and it was the most liberating feeling in the world. So yeah head wind sucks but there’s no greater gift in the world than tail wind

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  • Sandra Moxley says:

    Congrats on completing your longest ride yet! It does get easier and before you know it you’ll look at 70-mile days as days where you ONLY have to ride 70-miles! It sounds like you have a great group of teammates supporting one another, something that will be key throughout the summer. Happy pedaling and may the winds stay at your back!

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