14 Random Facts About Me

1. I can lick my elbow.
2. I’ve been playing drums since I was ten years old.
3. I was born on my driveway (In an ambulance).
4. I can probably scream louder than you.
5. My Favorite TV Show is Scrubs.
6. I once ate pig brain. Definitely tastes better than pineapple.
7. I think the lowercase ‘k’ is stupid. I only write ‘K’.
8. My high school band director was offered the job to play piano for the prominent rock band Chicago, but he turned them down. I’m basically famous.
9. I haven’t worn a pair of matching socks in over three years.
10. I can weld on a basic level.
11. In fourth grade I sneezed 13 times in a row.
12. There was a point in time where I didn’t like The Beatles. I like to think I’ve grown up a little bit.
13. I’ve won as many World Series as Ernie Banks, Barry Bonds, and Ken Griffey Jr. have, combined.
14. I will be a ride leader next year, for sure.

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  • MOM says:

    I’ve got you beat on #11. My record was 18 in a row. I was in the laundry detergent aisle in the grocery store. Soooooo many smells tickling my nose.

    No need to guess who’s ‘sneeze’ gene you got.

    Regarding #3, I remember it well!

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