Day 67: Mount Shasta to Redding

Today was HOT! It was 102 degrees when we finished our ride. Thankfully, we have since cooled down and are comfortably enjoying the air conditioning.

We dedicated our ride to two people. Steven asked to have the ride dedicated to his aunt’s brother, Marino, who passed away from pancreatic cancer, as well as his aunt’s sister Diane who passed away from gall bladder cancer. Both of his aunts have been huge supporters of I4K!

We are all feeling good about finishing today. It was challenging for many reasons. The heat always makes the ride feel more difficult and challenges us mentally. On top of that, the road we rode on today went over and through mountains, had some construction, and the shoulder was covered in debris. We had to be very mentally and physically sharp in order to keep our teammates and ourselves safe. There were many, many flat tires today, which not only slows us down but also wears on our optimism. I am proud to say that we all encouraged each other and did what we needed to do to make it to Redding. An ice cream stop at McDonald’s helped!

The positive thing about today’s ride was the scenery. We rode through beautifully forested mountains and right over Lake Shasta. It was a gorgeous lake with bright blue water and a beautifully colored canyon.

The other, and most important, positive part about today was the generosity we received. We are staying at the First United Methodist Church in Redding. These people know how to throw a potluck! We had so much delicious food, talked to so many kind people, and received many donations. After dinner we had a Q & A session where they just asked us about what we do, what our favorite parts of the trip have been, what our daily routine is like, etc. Their interest and patience through this was amazing! It is always so nice when people are so genuinely interested not only in our cause, but also in us as individuals. We all had great dinner conversations with the people around us.

People like those we met tonight remind us of all of the good people we have met along the way. We continue to be thankful for the amazing acts of generosity we see.



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  • Lindsey's Mom says:

    “29 He gives strength to the weary,
    And to him who lacks might He increases power.
    30 Though youths grow weary and tired,
    And vigorous young men stumble badly,
    31 Yet those who wait for the LORD
    Will gain new strength;
    They will mount up with wings like eagles,
    They will run and not get tired,
    They will walk and not become weary.”

    This quote is from the Old Testament book of Isaiah (ch 40). These words are often called upon for comfort when someone is facing mental and physical difficulties, especially concerning health. I can almost guarantee that the people you have interviewed, who have any sort of Judeo-Christian tradition, have sought these words for solace and strength, especially verse 31.
    I offer these words to YOU now, because these last few days look like they will continue to be difficult. Ahead of you, is a day and a half of continued HOT valley, and then you move into the mountains again. And then there’s more traffic, and construction, and the the shoulder debris that may now be ever present. As you said, it was very mentally and physically demanding today. I anticipate it will only become more so these last days.
    Keep up that concentration. Pretend you are “going for the gold”. Continue to look out for each other! And thank you, thank you to all the fabulous folks out there who have taken the time energy to talk to, and house, and feed these “kids”! And thank you, “kids”, for listening to all the people’s stories! Learning to truly listen well, and continuing to do so as you continue in your lives, can be as difficult as riding a bike across the country.

    My continued prayer for you tonight is also from Isaiah 40:

    4 “Let every valley be lifted up,
    And every mountain and hill be made low;
    And let the rough ground become a plain,
    And the rugged terrain a broad valley;”
    Peace to all.
    Sleep well,
    Yes, still proud of all of you!

  • frontpage frontpage says:

    Thank you so much! I love that verse!

    We appreciate your prayers. We are all prepared to finish strong!

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