Day 66: Klamath Falls, OR to Mt. Shasta, CA

***First, I want to make you aware of a separate post I made last night containing San Francisco Arrival Information. Please refer to it if you plan on meeting us on August 7th.

Now, on to today! We are all very excited to be in California!

Our ride was dedicated to Forrest Meyst, a friend of Mike, the owner of Yeti’s Lair, where we stayed last night. Forrest passed away this year from cancer, and he was a great man loved by many in Klamath Falls.

We crossed into California around mile 16. We spent a lot of time there taking group and individual pictures. It was really fun to see everyone so excited, and we are all so proud of ourselves. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like actually crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!

We had an amazing view of Mount Shasta almost all day. Steven described it as “Majestic.” It’s even taller than the Grand Tetons, and still has a lot of snow covering it.  The mountain is visible from 100 miles away in some areas. The hills were pretty big today, and it got warm, but we all pushed through and enjoyed our route. The first half of our ride was desert, but the second half is how I imagined northern California. Tall evergreens lined the road, and it felt like we were on a bike path. It was very pretty. We also got multiple donations from strangers today, which is always humbling and exciting.

We all stopped in a town called Weed after lunch. I’ll admit that we were unsure about what to expect, but it is a nice little town with a small college. We all enjoyed coffee or milkshakes as well as some air conditioning for a bit.

We are staying at Hope Community Church in Mount Shasta. We got dinner donated from Say Cheese Pizza and Round Table Pizza. Always a bonus to not have to cook dinner!

So far, California is treating us well!


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  • Lindsey's Mom says:

    Grace and peace to the family and friends of Forrest.

    I just looked back on daily posts, and I marvel at how far you’ve come. I can see how there are many parallels to those folks experiencing the trials and tribulations as well as the goodness of humanity that goes with a cancer diagnosis.
    Things I noticed from way back when you started….
    Socks and especially shoes all still have some of their shiny new gleam
    Braids are more messy, and not as no-hair-out-of-place as they are now (except on the 3 braid day)
    Facial hair is absent or trimmed
    No dramatic tan lines
    Bandanas aren’t as form fitting, and not everyone uses them
    Physical challenges sound much smaller way back when, even though they were big at the time
    One thing has stayed constant, and that is food. Food has of course been very important the WHOLE way. :) Your milkshakes look delicious!
    So, now the time is, to get all your deep philosophical/theological discussions in, like “what’s beyond the universe?”
    now the time is to get the not so deep, easy discussions in, like “what’s your favorite animal and why?”, in case you haven’t already had that discussion.
    Now the time is to think about/discuss what fears you have conquered, or at least chipped away at.
    Now the time is to think about/discuss what new fears or appreciations you have.
    Now the time is to enjoy each other. You won’t be together like this again, and if you ever are, you know it won’t be the same. Feel the emotion, and express it however is appropriate for you, and store it in the special memories section of your brain. You may someday want to call upon it again, especially if you, or someone near and dear to you experiences cancer!
    Mountains really are magnificent!
    Stay safe! Continued constant vigilance! sleeeeep well,

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