Day 61: Paulina to Bend

Another hot one! We had a 90 mile day into Bend. The good news is that the wind wasn’t horrible today, and we didn’t have quite as much climbing as yesterday. The ride was beautiful, as we had a nice view of the Cascades for much of the day. We rode into a much more populated area than we have been in in a while, and it was surprisingly stressful to be on a busy road. We have been on much busier, it was just a little difficult to readjust to traffic.

We dedicated the ride today to Brett Ryan, a close family friend of Maren’s who had esophageal cancer.

We all arrived in Bend around 4:00 today. Alison is the food donation champion and got us all a make your own pizza from Mod Pizza. We were shocked by their generosity.

Many of us are exploring Bend a bit. So far it looks like it has a very cute downtown with many stores, a few bike shops, and restaurants. There are hanging plants all down the main stretch, and it is a very bustling area.

It is fun to be in a populated, energized place after being out in the middle of nowhere for so long.


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