Day 60: John Day to Paulina

Today was a hot one! We also had over 5,000 feet of climbing, but we’re used to the hills by now. We were thinking about what it would be like to go back and do the first 3 days of New York now and how much easier it would be. It would certainly be very different than today, because we rode for 81 miles and didn’t see a thing. No gas stations, no restaurants, nothing. We are staying at the elementary school in Paulina and the closest high school is 55 miles away. It was a pretty ride, though, and the climbs provided some great views.

Our ride was dedicated to Mr. Lim, a friend of Austin’s. Mr. Lim passed away last March from lung cancer. His son sent a really nice story about him and about how his family is working to carry on his memory.

We are looking forward to arriving in Bend tomorrow! Rumor has it it’s a pretty cool place. I know no other information, so I will report back with details tomorrow.


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