Day 56: Rest Day in Boise

The team had a lot of fun today. We are all grateful that Shubham initiated looking into and booking whitewater rafting for all of us.

We left around 8:30 and drove about 40 minutes to Banks, Idaho. It was an absolutely beautiful day. When we arrived we all checked in, and got life jackets, helmets, and paddles. The team split up into 3 rafts and all had a great time. Our instructors were very patient with us and provided a very fun, safe experience. We rafted on about 7 miles of the Pyatte River and went through 3-4 class rapids. A few fell out of our boats but everyone was good natured about it and laughed. We also had the opportunity to jump off of rocks about 25 feet up, which most of us did. I’m so thankful that we have a team that chooses to be together on our off days. I think it shows how committed we are to having a great time together and how willing we are to try new things.

We got back to Boise around 3:00 and everyone spent a little bit of time doing their own thing.

We had dinner donated from Noodles and Company. It was great eating a different type of pasta.

Tonight we had another silly but super fun event. Similar to our Thanksgiving event, we celebrated Christmas tonight. We all drew names for a secret Santa event about a week ago, and have been trying to find presents for each other throughout our rides. We exchanged presents tonight and even played Christmas music. Presents ranged from a deck of cards that say Idaho, a pair of glasses found on the side of the road, local honey, and a massage that can be cashed in whenever. It was a very goofy, very fun event.

We are looking forward to the next stretch of our ride. Oregon here we come!


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