Day 55: Glenns Ferry to Boise

This morning Lindsey suggested we dedicate our ride to Dayna Willis. She is suffering from breast cancer, and tomorrow is her 51st birthday. Since tomorrow is a rest day, we thought about her during our ride today.

Today was a long one. It was windy from the start and the day just kept getting hotter and hotter. The scenery, while somewhat pretty, was monotonous. I’ve decided the high desert is not my place of choice. I don’t want to completely discount Idaho, because I have heard that the northern part is beautiful. However, considering that we don’t go north, I think it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to crossing the Oregon border on Sunday.

Some positive sides of today include the fact that we stayed hydrated and positive, got to shower at a nice YMCA, and the chipotle burritos we got donated for dinner.

We are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. Let’s be honest, when are we not? Tomorrow should be extra fun, though, because all 17 of us are going rafting! I’m looking forward to reporting back.


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