Day 54: Twin Falls to Glenns Ferry

We did a great job being efficient today. We had 70 miles and were all in around 2:00 today. It was important to keep moving because the temperature reached 102 degrees this afternoon. Thankfully we all did a great job of hydrating and finishing before the hottest point of the day.

We also met yet another kind stranger today. Our lunch stop ended up being at the bottom of a driveway, and a few minutes in the owner of the home came riding up to us on her bicycle. Debbie had just finished her day’s ride and was super excited to meet us. She allowed us all into her home to use her bathroom and took great interest in not only our mission as a team but in us as individuals. She is hoping we pass through the same route again next year so that she can host the team! It is so refreshing to meet such generous and gracious people.

Our ride was dedicated to Trisha’s grandpa, Robert Zacharias. Trisha is a 2012 rider and her grandpa was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer earlier in the summer. He is in hospice now, and we are thinking about him and his family.

After we arrived at our stay over we went to shower at the local pool. They, too, were generous and allowed us to swim for a bit. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

We were provided another delicious pasta dinner tonight, and rumor has it there are cinnamon rolls for the morning. Can’t beat that!


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  • Lindsey's mom says:

    Grace and peace to Grandpa Robert and his family.

    I hear it’s hot! Try to remember the feeling in case you are in below zero temps in late January. Personally, I think snow cones are the best way to beat the heat.
    Has there been a sound tract to this long ride? Do you burst into song at certain times and is it the same song each time?
    Continue hanging in there! From the pictures I have seen, it appears that you are all still relatively happy and in good spirits. If true, count on that to get you through the days of hard rides (which shouldn’t be too many more, right?)
    Find some doughnuts.

  • Lindsey says:

    We have a morning playlist and I think we all sing to ourselves when it is really windy or we are going downhill and no one can hear us. Today when we rode into Nyssa, OR I had songs from Wicked going through my head!

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