Day 51: Day 51: Idaho Falls to Pocatello

Today was a short, quick 53 mile day. We rolled out around 7:30 and arrived at our stay over by 1:00. The route today was straightforward and we beat the heat and wind. Our hosts were kind enough to shuttle us to Idaho State University so that we could shower. They also had fruit and snacks for us, a happy addition to our normal peanut butter and jelly lunch that we waited to eat until we arrived.

We all spent the afternoon differently. Some played card games, some napped, some read, and some cleaned their bikes. We were yet again provided a delicious dinner. We enjoyed chicken, rice, salad, quinoa, gluten free pasta salad, mac and cheese, cookies, and ice cream.

It was nice to have time to just relax before and after dinner. It felt like an extension to our rest day, especially after such a long stretch of long rides. We had gotten used to arriving pretty late to our stay overs, eating, and going to sleep right away.

We have a 75 mile day tomorrow. A little longer but nothing out of the ordinary. We are enjoying the flatness of Idaho so far.


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