Day 50: Rest Day in Idaho Falls

Our stay over has provided us with a wonderful day. This morning we attended a potluck breakfast before the church service. There was a lot of good food and many kind people asking us about our trip. It is always so nice to feel so welcomed.

Most of us cleaned our bikes, updated our journals, and hung out for the rest of the day. We had a baked potato bar for lunch. People in Idaho know how to eat potatoes. They showed us how to cut it down the middle and then squeeze it in order to open it fully. You then fill it with lots of fixings, eat some, fill it up again, eat it more, then fill it up one last time and eat it like a burrito. It was delicious.

In the afternoon many of us went on a short 4 mile bike ride along the river to see some sights our hosts recommended. I know you’re thinking we’re crazy for riding on our off day, but it was a really nice, leisurely ride. The river was pretty, as were the falls that gave this town its name.

Dinner consisted of lasagna, gluten free pizza, and salad. Needless to say, we were treated very well today.

We are looking forward to a series of shorter rides this week!



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  • Lindsey's Mom says:

    People and places truly can be amazing. And, those potatoes must have been delicious. THANK YOU to all your hosts who have graciously provided shelter and/or food to my kid and all her best friends!
    Glad that you are in awe of the vast vistas, both prairie and mountain of our country. Imagine how the native peoples lived there and made all of that work for them, no matter what the conditions. And people continue to make it work, no matter what the conditions!
    You are so close to your destination, relatively speaking. Don’t get careless! It’s easy to take various [non-route related] short cuts since all of this riding is second nature now. But please don’t. Lindsey, you also now know very well what is meant my “soft shoulders”. Constant vigilance!
    And to reiterate. Give your complete time and attention to the folks you are getting portraits from. They are the reason you are putting yourselves through this, after all! Their stories are just as important as the stories gathered in the east, when all of you were still fresh.
    Today’s question: What is the highest altitude you have reached, and is it the highest for this trip?
    Well, another question: What is the highest vertical climb you have done in a day?
    Only 2 more state lines. Continue to hang in there!
    Many, many, many, many people are pulling for and praying for you!
    Stay safe, get good sleeps!
    JLR Oh, P.S. Probably don’t want to think about this at the moment, but I recommend a trip across Canada too…that’s as amazing!

  • Lindsey says:

    Hi momma, I think the highest elevation we were at was on top of the Bighorns at 8,000 ft. We climbed between 6,500-7,000 ft that day as well, I think that has been the most vertical climbing we have done. A few days ago we rode through Teton Pass which was 2,300 ft in 4 miles and really steep!

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