Day 34: Olivia, MN to Watertown, SD

Another state line!

This morning we rode for Liz Loosli, the cousin of one of Rachael’s close friends from school. She had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, TCell Lymphoma, and Angiplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Liz ended up beating the cancer twice and was in good health for a couple of years. Unfortunately Liz passed away yesterday and her family found out the cancer had come back into her heart despite her healthy scans recently. We are thinking about her husband, daughter, and the rest of her family.

We had a long 117 mile day, but it was perfect conditions. Sunny but not too hot, not too windy, and downright enjoyable. We all rolled in before 7, which felt early compared to last night. We did rest stops at mile 28, 55, 80, and 100 and enforced a pretty strict time limit in order to prevent finishing too late.

We are staying at Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, a beautiful and large church that we are very comfortable in. We enjoyed our normal dinner of pasta, and are heading to bed early again to prepare for our 4:45 wake ups this week.

We are feeling strong and prepared to just keep pedaling!

(Sidenote: I apologize for not having pictures in the last few posts. The wifi has not been strong enough to upload pictures. Hopefully soon!)



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  • Lindsey's Mom says:

    Yea South Dakota! Is 117 miles the longest ride you have done? And more questions….Is the altitude gradually rising? While being a biking vagabond, what have you missed the most about “normal” life? What are the most amazing, funny, beautiful, etc., things you have seen so far that are not people?
    Keep pedaling, enjoy the ride, and stay safe!

  • frontpage frontpage says:

    117 is the longest! Longest in I4K history! We have 118 tomorrow which will re-break our record.

    The altitude is gradually rising; we did about 2,000 feet of climbing yesterday.

    For me, the lack of routine that happens in the summer as well as weekends with family are what I miss most. Others said movies, coffee mugs, their own bathroom, and setting their own diet. I agree with those, as well.

    Steven said he enjoys the “agricultural oceans.” Today, especially, we noticed how far you see. I love how green everything is. On the bike you really have time to realize how much greenery there is. One funny thing we saw is a tree with a growth that looked like a butt. That one got quite a bit of laughter. We also laugh at each other a lot.

    Keep your questions coming!

    Thanks for your support,

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