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Syracuse to Palmyra

It’s day 5 already and we just arrived in Palmyra, New York at Fellowship Bible Church.  The ride was much smoother and faster than the past few hilly days.  Immediately after arriving we were shuttled to showers which felt great after 80 miles in the warm sun.  I felt extremely welcomed at our stayover and had lots of fun playing board games and telling jokes with Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Gracie:) Dinner(lasanga, salad, and fruit), dessert(cupcakes, brownies, and toffee!), and breakfast(muffins, eggs, and fruit) tasted delicious and served as a nice change from the usual pasta and lentils(even though I enjoy those too!).

Palmyra to Rochester

Day 6 already…one more day and it will be a week of biking. It feels like we have been biking for months as the days fly by so fast. Today was a short 23 mile day so we had plenty of time to visit Gilda’s Club and the Hope Lodge.  Along with several teammates, I visited Gilda’s Club, a cancer support facility, and spoke with members who have experienced cancer in their lives.  It was inspiring to see the comfort these individuals found at Gilda’s and the fun ways Gilda’s offers support(social dinners, cooking classes, exercise classes, crafting, etc.) We were able to collect a few portraits for the Portraits Project as well! In less than 12 hours my team and I will begin our ride to Niagara Falls! This will be my first time seeing the falls both from the American and Canadian side…stay tuned to see the pixs:)

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  • Sue Smit says:

    Glad you are having a good time and are able to see so many different places. Niagara Falls is a cool place to see. Your father, aunt and I went when we were young. Pancake’s extended family settled there when they came over from Europe. Have save travels and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.

    Love ya,
    Aunt Sue

  • Jeffry Stell says:

    Alison and Illini 4000 team,

    It’s strange how certain people and events leave a lasting impression. Your stop and stay with Fellowship Bible is one of those events. Your team has left us with very pleasant memories and thoughts. Thank you all for your commitment to the cause of raising awareness and support for cancer research and your loving presentation of the stories of individuals impacted by these diseases through the Portraits project.

    Safe travels,

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