Day 7: Rochester to Niagara

This morning felt like it came awfully early for most of us. Even though we had a short ride yesterday we were all worn out from our events and exploring Rochester. Even so, today brought an 87 mile day and we ended in Niagara Falls.

The team all went to the falls together to take a group photo, and then those of us that had passports walked onto the Canadian side. The falls were beautiful. The amount of water and the speed at which it moved was amazing. The town of Niagara Falls was extremely touristy on both sides of the border, but it was fun to just walk around and people watch. Everyone ended up eating dinner out, which can always be a nice change of pace from our normal routine.

I think I can say that now that we’ve seen the falls we are ready to begin moving west and make some progress across the country. We have some long days ahead, starting with tomorrow being 93 miles to Westfield.

Hoping for a cool, smooth day tomorrow.


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  • Jeni Bransford says:

    Hi Dori!
    Jon and I are following along with you guys every day and praying for safety, health, and fun for you all. I cannot begin to describe to you how much fun we had with you and the entire team when you stayed with us Friday night in Palmyra! Our kids had a blast with everyone and were as sad as we were to see you go. Thank you for the wonderful memories. We look forward to hearing all about what God has planned for each new day for the team. Please greet everyone for us. Graci, Isaiah, and Ezekiel all say hi too!

    Jeni ☺

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