Day 5: Syracuse to Palmyra

After eating a delicious breakfast provided by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Reverend Phillip Major joined us for our morning dedication and rode along with us for 6 miles. We dedicated our ride to his father, Gordon, who battled breast cancer for 14 years of his life. Many, many remedies extended his life and he chose to donate his body to research after he passed. It was nice to be able to include him in our ride and again demonstrated how important our cause is to so many people.

Today was a route similar to yesterday’s; the hills were manageable and the sun stayed hidden for most of the day. We managed to beat a rainstorm and arrived at Fellowship Bible Church in Palmyra by 3 today. Again, we are overwhelmed by the generosity and hospitality we have received. Cold drinks were waiting, tables were set up with candy bowls, and we were served a delicious lasagna dinner.

Some of our team did another portrait after dinner. They interviewed a member of the congregation named Kathy Walton, who shared her story about her experience with colorectal cancer. Fortunately, she has been cancer-free for eight years now, and she used the lessons she learned during her own fight with cancer to support her mother and brother-in-law when they were diagnosed with cancer themselves.

Additionally, John, the pastor, his wife, kids, and some church members stayed and spent time with us until 8:30. It was so fun playing Yahtzee with the kids, we don’t know how they have so much energy. They were so darn cute. Everyone was so kind and interested in what we were doing. One of the members had been on our page enough to recognize some of us and remember what we were studying. It is touching to see how excited people are to host us, and how willing they are to open their doors to us.

Tomorrow we have a short 23 mile ride into Rochester where we have some events planned. We’re looking forward to the break!



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  • Shana Lydon says:

    One of your riders was just in our bike shop for a new saddle and he left his seatpack. I can deliver it to where you guys are staying – my cell is 585-820-8893
    Manager – Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport

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