Day 33: Minneapolis to Olivia, MN

Today we rode for Dan Haskins. He is a family friend of Sara’s and is a U of I alum. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and squamous cell cancer and beat them both.

Our ride was delayed a bit this morning because of thunderstorms. Once we got on the road we only met rain once, and it didn’t last too long. The wind picked up as the day went on, but it was a great temperature and partly sunny all day. We also had 10 miles of tailwinds for the first time, and it was glorious. There’s nothing like barely pedaling and going 20 miles per hour!

We all rolled in to St. Aloysius Church around 7:45. A few people sat in on a portrait with Joan and her daughter Ellie. Joan had breast cancer and Ellie was her caregiver. They talked about the importance of family support, and fortunately Joan got her last chemo treatment in May. Portraits are always a good reminder of why we do what we do, even after 101 mile days.



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  • Lindsey's Mom says:

    Hurray for tailwinds! Continued prayers for good weather, good roads/trails and being healthy.
    Everyone give yourself a pat on the back. Look at you, 33 days in, turning a page on the calendar, 1700 + miles away from where you started! WOW! And wow! about all the people you have listened to. You have given each of those people a brief but glorious moment of knowing that there is humanity out there that really and truly care about each of them.
    I wish and pray for you for continued physical perseverance, but more, for mental perseverance. Not only for facing arduous rides, but to listen as intently, and as compassionately to the stories you hear during the second part of your trip, as you did in the first. That might be harder than the ride.
    Sleep well, and stay safe!

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