Day 31: Rochester to Minneapolis

For those of you that know the location of those two cities in the state of Minnesota thinking, “That’s a long distance…” you are correct. It was a 105 mile day into Minneapolis.

We rode for Chau Lam, the father of Shubham’s friend David Lam. He passed away from cancer a year ago and tomorrow is David’s birthday.

It was undoubtedly long, but it was a picture perfect riding day. It was sunny, downright cool at times, and wasn’t too windy. Much of our ride was on trails, and it was a great feeling to approach the Minneapolis/St. Paul skyline.

When we rolled into St. Olaf Catholic Church Steven’s aunt, uncle, and cousin’s were cheering for us with signs. Inside, Sara’s extended family had dinner ready for us. They had orange and blue plates, napkins, and table cloths as well as an amazing meal of salad, fruit, pasta, garlic bread, and sausage. The desserts were wonderful, too. There were even cookies with the Illini 4000 logo on them!

After dinner we all headed to the YMCA for showers. I think we are all looking forward to being clean and getting a good night’s sleep.


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