Day 30: Rest Day in Rochester

This morning was a lazy one. Everyone got to sleep until they naturally woke up, and we took advantage. Around 11:00 we headed to Hope Lodge, where we served lunch to the patients and caregivers staying there. We grilled hotdogs and set up a buffet. We ate lunch with the people that attended and had some very good conversations with people that are in the middle of some of their toughest days. In order to stay at Hope Lodge you must be undergoing treatment or caring for someone who is. Everyone was very kind and more than happy to let us sit and eat with them.

We had the afternoon to ourselves. People went their own direction, either to Mayo Clinic, the bike shop, or to wander the city. Mayo Clinic is beautiful. It doesn’t feel like a hospital at all, but instead a hotel or community center. There is a big Chihuly installation in the lobby and everyone is so friendly.

Those that didn’t do any of the above spent their afternoon in the kitchen. Alison is quite the cook and especially baker, and she has been planning an I4K Thanksgiving. We all pitched in some money and Alison’s Aunt Nancy generously covered the rest of the cost. Alison has been promising an amazing meal, and she outdid herself. We dined on rotisserie chicken, homemade gravy, cornbread muffins, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn, fresh green beans, brussel sprouts, stuffing, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and ice cream. It was absolutely amazing.

This was the first Thanksgiving experience for some of our international students. Therefore, we also went around and said what we’re thankful for. A few things that were named include our new friends, the opportunity to be doing I4K, Alison for cooking, and chamois butter.

All in all, a successful rest day.


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