Day 19: Rockville to Champaign

We made it! We are very excited to be back at U of I, and were greeted by friends, family, and media at the Alma Mater. Before leaving, our hosts at Rockville sent us with “Love Bags,” an individual bag for each rider filled with snacks and treats. We then embarked on our 80 mile ride into Champaign. It was a hot and windy one, but seeing so many friendly, excited supporters made the long miles disappear from our minds. We took lots of pictures and talked a bit before those of us that needed to visit Champaign Cycle did so. We then headed over to Illini Grove for a potluck. People were so generous and provided a delicious spread for us. It was very fun seeing some alumni and comparing trips.

It seems unbelievable to be back where this all started!


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