Day 15: Zanesville to Columbus

We rode 60.3 miles into Columbus today. It was a hot and humid one, so we were thankful for the shorter day. The groups all took the day at different paces, and as a result some had different encounters. A few groups met a rider named Anthony, a Philadelphia cop riding ocean to ocean in order to raise money for police officers that have fallen in the line of duty. Another group ended up playing baseball for a bit with some local boys who had a practice at the field we stopped to have lunch at. Despite our differing paces we were all into the stay over by 3:00 today.

Since we had time, we decided to all go out to dinner together in Columbus to a restaurant called Matt the Miller’s Tavern. Sarah found it online and it ended up being the perfect place for us. It was nice and big and had a huge menu, so everyone (even Maren, our pickiest eater) found something they liked.

After dinner we walked to Jeni’s Ice Cream, a favorite spot of mine. They are known for their not-so-traditional flavors and originated in Columbus.

We are planning on hitting the road by 6 instead of 7 tomorrow in order to beat the heat since we have a 100 mile day. As a result, everyone is getting ready for bed and winding down. Here’s to the start of another great week!




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