Day 3: Bethlehem to Little Falls

Today was a tough 67.9 day. Headwinds and hills are a very difficult combination. And I’m not talking about a little bit of wind. I’m talking about “I feel like I’m pedaling but I’m not moving” kind of wind. There was one stretch where we crossed over a bridge and were being blown all over the place. We were lucky enough to have a wide shoulder and one group even had a contest to see how slow they could go without tipping over. Thankfully, we have very supportive teammates and we all reminded each other to look left and right at the scenery once in a while. Everyone feels very accomplished today and will most definitely sleep well tonight.

The team is really clicking at this point. Rest stops and dinner have been very lively. Everyone is comfortable enough to give each other a hard time and we do so constantly. We got into Little Falls around 5 today and are planning to check out the downtown together. It’s fun to see these little places that we most likely wouldn’t have the opportunity to see otherwise.  We are looking forward to a much deserved excursion and restful night.



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