T-Minus 49 Days

49 days until we get on the train to NYC to start this crazy adventure. 49 days. Putting things into perspective, thats only 4 more team weekend trainings and 4 more team meetings. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Illini 4000 has given me some great friends and I cannot wait for this summer with these amazing people. Our team has great chemistry whether it being supporting each other at fundraisers or laughing together at team dinners.

This past weekend we had our first team on-the-bike training. Being April you would think it would be semi-nice but it was quite cold and windy. On the way out of campus we were going straight into 20-30 mph winds for about 15 miles. During that time my group was going an average of 4-6 mph. It was a great learning experience on bike handling and staying close to your group, I just wish it hadn’t been so cold! My hands and feet were numb even wearing full-finger gloves and 2 pairs of socks! Hopefully it will get nicer each weekend from now on. Next weekend we have our 45 mile ride and we are going to see one of our beneficiaries, Prairie Dragon Paddlers, launch their new boat at Homer Lake.

This time last year I never would have thought that I would be preparing for a cross-country bike trip. Now I can’t imagine not being a part of this organization. Illini 4000 has given me so many opportunities just within the few months I have been involved and I look forward to continue being apart of this organization. It is safe to say that joining Illini 4000 has been the greatest thing I’ve done in college.

In addition to occasionally blogging here, I will be trying to blog and post pictures every day on my tumblr page. Follow along! http://marenwiltshire10.tumblr.com

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  • Camilla Hempstead says:

    Cheering you and the whole team on! It will be a fabulous summer! Thank you for all your hard work for a great cause!!

  • Camilla Hempstead says:

    Almost time to go! You will have a great time!!

  • Butch Klescewski says:

    Best wishes to you and all the riders. May you have the best weather possible and a safe journey. Your dedication is impressive!

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