89 day countdown!

For those of you a little hesitant to donate, here are ten-ish kinda funny, kinda serious, but totally valid reasons to donate to my rider profile:

1. The government cannot find a way to misuse the money you donate
In 2014, $856,000 was used to train mountain lions to run on a treadmill… Correct me if I’m wrong, but through channels like Animal Planet I got the vibe that we already knew they were pretty strong in the cardio department… let’s go ahead and use those dollars elsewhere.

2. My marketing strategy is working
If you donate, I guess I’m doing something right. Especially with midterms coming up, I’ll take any validation…or donation *ehhem*… we can get.

3. I have to raise $3500
That’s a lot of money. So, if I have to cough up all/most of that myself, I will have to work all summer to get the money… which would be a little conflicting since I’ll be doing the ride all summer.

4. You’ll get free stuff!
Like a genuine “thank you” that gives you that warm heartfelt feeling we all crave, similarly to when watching something like this:

5. Your dollars fight cancer
That would make you ultra cool in my book… So, Donate. Donate. Donate. To me!
Cool like this puppy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d_hu0O_ww4

3(a). I have to raise $3500
Just in case you forgot.

6. Everyone else is doing it
Just try it. You’ll probably like it. Find a friend to donate halves-ies with you, maybe take a selfie about it, caption it, and post it on Instagram. Trust me, it’ll be awesome & you’ll get crazy amounts of likes for it.

3(b). I need to raise $3500
I’m in college, I have no money, and what little money I did have I blew on a bike and the program fee to ride across the country. Please donate to me.

8. Your dollars will help fill the funding gap
There is a very apparent funding gap between the need for funding and the money available to conduct cancer research. Lets go ahead and work on decreasing that gap.

3(c). I have to raise $3500
Ok. Please donate.

9. Not having to worry about cancer would be pretty nice.
If you donate, we move towards curing cancer. When we finally get there (finding a cure), getting cancer will be no big deal. You smell that? Well, The Rock smells a donation out of you.

10. Fighting cancer should be a no-brainer.
All jokes aside, we really should do everything we can to fight cancer. 1 in 4 males and 1 in 5 females are at risk of dying from cancer, and cancer is currently the second leading cause of deaths in America for adults. I’ve never met someone completely untouched by cancer’s influence – there’s always a relative, a friend, a loved one, a pet, that is no longer with us because of cancer. For the majority of us, all we can do is donate so that the few that do have the ability and drive to create and implement new methods of treatment can have the funds to do so. It sucks, but money is the only resource the rest of us have to give. Use it. On me though, cause I need to raise $3500 dollars, which as we have established, is a lot of money.

Fun fact: Puppy videos melt me. Send some my way if you please :)

To donate to me (specifically me) go to,

Here’s one more vid to seal the deal:


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