Why We Fight Cancer

Tonight I hosted a Coffeehouse fundraising event, with live music and snacks. I posted a board for people to answer the question, “Why are you fighting cancer?” Here are some of the responses:

“For my Grandma”

“Too many people I love have been affected by cancer”

“For Molly and her mom”

“For my Mom + Dad and all those who have lost their battle”

“My mom had breast cancer and no one should have to go through the pain”

“For so many old family friends gone too soon”

“Cancer is all over my family tree, thanks 4 helping fight.”

It can be easy to forgot why we are doing this, when we have headwinds blowing us off the road, when our legs want to collapse under us after that 14th burpee. But the work we are doing is so cool, the organizations we support are doing work that is literally changing lives. I am so grateful to be part of this organization and to see the way our work is helping the people on this campus.

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