Fundraising Fun!

I had such a fun time selling cookies outside of Canopy Club during the Young the Giant concert last week for Illini 4000! I am incredibly grateful to the wonderful staff at Canopy Club that helped us so much, especially Mo who directed people our way as they were leaving the concert and gave us a multitude of helpful hints! Thank you so much to Sarah for letting us see some of the concert on Wednesday and giving us tickets for Thursday, it was such an incredible experience! I am so grateful that we had a successful fundraiser and I got to know a few of my team members better. I was absolutely gushing with happiness when I saw some of the other Illini 4000 riders and Board of Directors after the concert as well as some of my fellow ASB boardies. It was one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you so so much to everyone who donated to us, it meant so much to us all. :)


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