Turn of the Century

Assistant Ride Leader’s Log. Bike Date 16.15-06-08.17:35

Yesterday I officially joined the century club! It all started off great as there was minimal wind and we had plenty of room to cycle. However, as the day went on, the wind picked up, making the last 20 or so miles quite tough. However, after completing those 103 miles, I fully understood the extent to which Illini 4000 is a test of mental endurance. There were many moments where I began doubting myself, but I kept reminding myself that I can keep going, that I can always do 5 more miles.

Today was another day for the books. I started the day as the support van driver – each day we rotate van drivers – and found a spot for our first rest stop. When their groups made it to the first rest stop, some of my teammates couldn’t ride anymore, be it knee problems, not feeling well, what have you. To both make room in the van and because I really wanted to ride, I decided to ride the remaining 55 miles. My cleats were accessible, but not my cycling shorts or socks so rode wearing my running shorts and no socks. Surprisingly I didn’t get any saddle sores, but I still don’t think I’ll be trying that again.

One other milestone of the day is that the miles from today pushed my odometer for the trip past 1,000! I still can’t fully believe that I’ve ridden over 1,000 miles already, but that also means I still have over 3,000 to go. Here’s hoping each mile is more fun than the last!

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  • kathi grant says:

    Mommy and i just read your blog…. you are such a good writer. We connected right to you…even our feet could feel your pain. My heavens 1000 miles..Yikes, and 3000 to go. you are incredible. Hope all is well. Storming here today(with hail), hope it didn’t get you and your fellow riders. God bless and be safe. I love you to the moon and back, Nini

  • David Watkins says:

    Congrats on joining the century club — it’s a pretty exclusive group of club members, but the only criterion for membership is a desire to join, and not many people are crazy enough to want it. And that makes you and your teammates special. Great opportunity to learn about yourself and your perceived limits. Keep up the good work and the great posts! I love you.

  • Carol Watkins says:

    On an earlier blog I said –already dreading the end with 60 days to go was
    an amazing comment. I have joined the club!–am not looking forward to
    San Francisco with no more blogs–I read them first thing in the morning
    BEFORE the weather. Congratulation on the century club and thanks to all
    for making us part of it. cheers and Love

  • kathi grant says:

    Hey it`s clare! Hope everything is well. Loved reading this. This is so cool! Hope to see you sometime soon, miss you so much! Love Clare!

  • kathi grant says:

    Hey it’s Maureen!! We are all so proud of what you are doing! I hope you are having fun and your bottom isn’t too sore from ridding all day lol! When you’re done we can have a bike race.I better start training now– that’s a challenge hahah! Miss you and love you!!

  • John Prince says:

    Hi Carrie, It was nice meeting you yesterday. If you haven’t found it already, here is CIBA’s website: http://www.cibaride.org/
    Glad you are doing this heroic effort and hope to see you at a future road cycling event.


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