The Real I4K Begins

This past week has been incredible. Visiting family and friends was the perfect way to celebrate riding over 1,000 miles. As I pedaled away from my parents, family, and friends, I remember why we are all biking. It is so the next time we all see each other, we as a community will be one step closer to finding a cure for cancer. With a cure, more people will be fortunate enough to see family and friends fearless of diseases. Although it is hard to say goodbye, I know it is just a see you later. And with the love and support from my parents, family, and friends I know I can pedal my way to San Francisco.

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  • Irene Halko says:

    It was so nice to have you back home honey, even though it was only for 2 days. Miss you already! We love you so much! Enjoy this special time, do good work and take care of each other.

    Love Mom and Dad

  • Irene Halko says:

    We forgot to say…
    You will be hearing the cow-bell ringing in San Fran!

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