Eye of the Storm

Assistant Ride Leader’s Log. Bike Date 28.15-06-20.6:49

After an early wake up in an attempt to beat the storms coming to Rochester, MN, we have found ourselves in the eye of the storm. We are still waiting at our stay over until it is safe for us to embark on another day of adventure. It’s really fascinating how quickly weather can change and develop. It definitely makes me appreciate that we have some atmospheric science people on the team.

Being in Rochester again is really bittersweet. I’m sure I will always remember it as the last place I saw my grandfather before he passed away. However, I now also some new happy memories here with a group of people on a mission to do something he would support 110%.

Yesterday we had the chance to visit the Mayo Clinic here in Rochester and it was really interesting to hear what was going on there. The first part of our tour was very focused on the ways that Mayo is trying to improve the experience of patients. They had some cool ideas, but, as an engineer, I was hoping to learn a bit more about the scientific innovations. The tour ended in a cancer learning center which I quickly saw as a valuable resource. The focus was on serving anyone who walked in by trying to help them understand and learn more about cancer so they could deal with it, or help a loved one deal with it. They also focused a lot on stress management, relaxation, and empowering the patient and family to face this all head on.

Hopefully the storm passes before I fall back asleep.

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  • kathi grant says:

    Dearest Carrie, I am sure Mayo (Rochester) was bittersweet for you, but you are so right, he would have loved what you are doing and that you are doing it for cancer research…..right up his alley. I believe he is watching over you …and in some way, feels as proud and emotional about your challenge as I do. Even though he passed away from a stroke complicated by heart disease, I am going to donate again to your cause in his name. God bless you my angel. safe travels…I love you so so much. Nini

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