Day 28: A Day in Rochester, MN

Rest days never seem long enough, but at the same time, too long. Many of the riders just miss being on the bike…but other than that we did in fact enjoy our time in Rochester for our third official rest day.

We started off the day spending some time at the Mayo Clinic, visiting their Center For Innovation and their Cancer Center. The Center for Innovation was fascinating to see how the clinic was using Human Centered Design to improve the way that healthcare is delivered to the patient. This can be done many different ways, but all of them involve talking to a lot of patients to evaluate their experience through the medical system. This is the only Center for Innovation that is actually located within a clinic, so that was super unique. Next we got to see the Cancer Center, which was a great resource for cancer patients, their friends and families, and anyone seeking to learn about cancer. There is literature about different diagnosis, treatment options, as well as ways to talk to children/family about cancer, as well as methods to get through treatments. In addition to that, there is a nurse on staff who can help answer questions. Also in the center is an American Cancer Society navigator who is available to connect patients to the proper resources through ACS, such as Hope Lodges, like the one we visited in Rochester, NY. Even moreso, the center offers many classes that address the emotional part of cancer by providing meditation, yoga and stress management classes. It was truly a great resource. We are so thankful for the staff at Mayo Clinic who took the time to show us their awesome facilities.

After this, we pretty much had the day to ourselves to do whatever we needed or wanted to do. Many of us went to see a movie, while some hung out at a coffee shop, got some great food throughout the day, visited bike shops to pick up any needed items and really whatever else.

It was a nice day, but tomorrow we have another long day with an early wake up again, but we do cross a state line, so we are pretty excited! So goodnight from Rochester, MN!

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