Day 15: Getting Into Buckeye Country

Start/End: Zanesville/Columbus, OH
Miles: 56
Weather: mostly cloudy and cool

Today was a very uneventful, pleasant ride into Columbus, home of another member of the Big 10, the Ohio State University. We didn’t let that phase us, though. Part of that definitely had to do with how we started the day at Westwood Baptist Church. We were treated to an omelette bar. It was amazing and every rider greatly appreciated the generosity of the church. With that we had some orange juice and milk.

Today’s ride started out with a ride dedication to a rider’s family friend who passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years ago.

The ride started off with a nice decline, leading into quite a hill to wake up our muscles in the morning. From there we biked through Zanesville, crossing their “Y-Bridge”, which literally has a Y in it. From there, we experienced a few good hills but we took things pretty steady throughout the ride. There were more beautiful flowers along the road, which are always amazing diversions from the hill climbing, but especially after the first rest stop 22 miles in, we didn’t have much climbing. Along the route, we did pass a drag racing track which was in fact running some races. A few groups got to see some of the cars, which was pretty exciting, and loud.

After getting into Columbus, we spread out as a group doing all types of things, including watching a professional soccer game and finding an art strip with lots of people and activity, so it was fun. We had pizza donated for dinner from Little Caesars, which we are incredible grateful for. Tonight we are getting snuggled in at the Broad Street United Methodist Church who was generous to let us stay in their space which is equipped with showers and even some laundry facilities! We are preparing for tomorrow, which will be our longest ride so far (more than 100 miles!) into Indiana….so another state line crossing, here we come!

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