The Journey Starts

We did it! Officially pedaled away from Lady Liberty in NYC and am now in Albany, NY. Although the rides can be long and challenging, my teammates keep me moving as well as all of those I know affected by cancer. When departing from Union station, I met a woman who was just diagnosed with cancer two weeks prior, and although she was still processing the news, she was deeply touched by our fundraising and ride goals. When arriving to the station, I was nervous about the trip, but after talking to her I realized how much our actions mean to people and became confident in the journey. I thought of her often while scaling the hills in New York and New Jersey the first day. Feel free to follow me on instagram for pictures of the ride! @halko.takes.usa

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  • Mark & Irene says:

    Keep up the good work Sarah and we are glad that you are getting use to the hilly rides. We knew you could do it. Stay safe and take care of each-other!

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