The Final Countdown

I can’t sleep. anyone who knows me well knows that waking up at 5ish is actually kind of normal but I specifically told my mom that I may sleep in…..guess not.

3 days ago I was graduating from the University of Illinois. In 3 days, I will be in New York City. I am not sure where the time went. Wasn’t I going to go on some more bike rides before I left? I sure hope I can go on one this evening!so you may ask, are you nervous? I am definitely excited but I am a little more nervous about not having my belongings all stowed away in an organized fashion before I leave. As I learned many of us students who recently returned home with (a) carload(s) worth of stuff have successfully taken over our parents house.

But this is all so exciting. Last night I had the opportunity to go to an Illini 4000 send-off reception hosted by the Western Suburbs Alumni Club. It was awesome to meet the alums and tell them about our upcoming journey. And I got to spend some quality time with my mom in the car as we went :)

Today my to-do list is as follows (for the most part):
1. Sew patches onto bag to make it identifiable easily
2. Lay out clothes for trip
3. Put away items from college not going on bike trip (This bullet point is actually like five bullet points)
4. Go set up a pharmacy account with a nation-wide pharmacy
5. Write some more thank you notes for donors
6. Meet with local newspaper about the trip (I am excited about this!)
7. Go on a bike ride!!!
8. Remove bike attachments
9. Clean any remaining bike apparel
10. Finish packing

Luckily my first task is a quiet one so I will not wake anyone else up, but I guess I am glad I woke up early- I have a lot to do! And I know many of the riders do….so until next time, you know what I will be up to!

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