Maiden Voyage

Assistant Ride Leaders Log. Bike Date 1.15-05-24.21:30

Today the Enterprise and I successfully navigated the bike paths of New York City, visited New Jersey, and rode up long inclines that challenge the Illinois Residents’ idea of a “hill”. Despite the rest of the fleet experiencing everything from flat tires – 3 total involving 5 different replacement tubes – to dropped chains and more, we all made it safely to our stay over. I’ve definitely learned that the most critical thing of cycling in a group is being able to adapt to each other’s needs and wants. Whether it’s changing your pace or how you spend your stops, getting everyone to the destination in a good shape is what’s important.

Tomorrow we are about to tackle 90 miles and while it’s a bit daunting, I’m excited to see more gorgeous scenery like that I saw today.

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  • Susan Watkins says:

    Cool beans my love!!!! Keep blogging and don’t forget to call your Mom once in a while. Abs and I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Love the Enterprise and lunch photo!!! xoxo

  • "Your friend Irene" Powers says:

    Carrie “The responsible One”!
    So proud of you and excited for you. If there’s anyone on the planet that can be the ultimate team member, it’s you! May every day bring you an adventure and experience of a lifetime. Can’t wait to hear all of the stories of the day. I invite you to try my infamous EOD recordings. At the end of the day, when your ready to go to sleep after your long day, turn on your audio recorder (if you have your phone with you) and record the End Of Day (EOD) most memorable moment. Best when you do this with a teammate. Can guarantee that when you listen to all of them at the end, you’ll have a perfect memento.

    Wishing you a hearty tailwind to help you along the way.

  • Mike Shamrock says:

    Sounds like your adapting to the group and your focus is the group, which is very insightful on your part, good going

    Yikes, 90 miles, it will be very interesting to understand how the group and you do completing that leg of the trip

    Exciting stuff

  • kathi grant says:

    Hi Love, I am going to ditto what your Mom, Irene, and Mike said…great blog and great replies. Love you…eat well, stretch and sleep. I sound so professional….right ? God bless you, with love to you Nini

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