Assistant Ride Leader’s Log. Bike Date 9.15-05-31.21:55

After several fairly uneventful days as the team has started to hit a routine, quite the curve ball was thrown today. Ashley, one of the current directors of Illini 4000, sent us out into the world on our own after being kind enough to devote a week of her time to getting our team to adjust to the Illini 4000 lifestyle. Unfortunately, this also coincided with a weather forecast of really cold, very windy, and raining. The Enterprise and the other members of the fleet braved the conditions until mile 25 of 90, where it was deemed unsafe to continue. In spite of being stuck inside as the van is making trips back forth to get everyone to Westfield, today ended up being yet another fun day of Illini 4000. In the end, we did what needed to be done to keep the team safe, which is what I admire about the leadership of Illini 4000. Fingers crossed the rain will hold off tomorrow!

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  • Susan Watkins says:

    I am so thrilled for the update and that you all were wise decision makers!! It must be a bittersweet feeling to make the choice to shuttle, but I am so impressed that you all have the spirit of safety and your mission firmly in place. Here’s to a warmer and dryer day tomorrow!

  • kathi grant says:

    My dear Carrie, So happy to read your blurb… (lol). You know me I watch the weather, so I knew you were headed into some icy, windy rain. I was a little concerned. Even though I know it was hard to shuttle and give up the ride, it was a great decision for all….as you say, to keep the group safe. It looks like you might catch a break with the weather this week, as our weather moves west to east and we are warming up and looking at a fairly warm week with little rain. I told my Financial person, Larry Uertz, about you today, and i believe he made a donation in your name. He was very impressed with what you all are doing. Sleep well and be safe…. i love you and God be with you, Nini P.S. I love that you are staying in so many churches, and that people are showing such kindness toward you. xxoo

  • Mike Shamrock says:

    Yucky days are sometimes fun days, but I am glad to hear the team got everyone to the end, What an effort by everyone. You guys are going to need a vacation after this is over, ha

  • Sandy Brennan says:

    I’m looking forward to more blogs. I’m happy you are safe & making good decisions as a team.

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