Hurry up and Wait

Assistant Ride Leader’s Log. Bike Date -2.15-05-21.23:30

I’m finding it increasingly ironic that Illini 4000 starts with a 20+ hour train ride. That is, what will be my greatest athletic feat to date will start with nearly 24 hours of sitting around. Despite all of the horror stories of soreness and exhaustion, I find myself wishing for it as I am finding it very difficult to sleep on the comfy, reclining train chairs. The first 4 – 5 if you count the time change – hours have been filled with an epic Uno game, lots of reading, a hilariously “photoshopped” photo, and some delicious deep dish pizza. Hopefully the next 15 hours will be great as well.

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  • Mike Shamrock says:

    Pack those carbs, you will need them

  • Mike Shamrock says:

    I hope everything is meeting your expectations

    I was looking at the itinerary and I think I can make a stop at one of the locations, I am thinking Champaign but maybe that will be too crowded so maybe Rockville

    Does that make any sense?

    Big Fan, good going

    Pedal, Pedal as in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming, ha

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