First Encounter

Assistant Ride Leader’s Log. Bike Date 2.15-05-25.22:26

Today the Enterprise got its first flat tire. It’s an everyday thing in the cycling world and was like a 20 minute fix. I’d say it marks a milestone in me actually becoming a cyclist. The fancy shoes, padded shorts, and cool bike do not make a cyclist. If getting the gear is level 1, I’d say learning to ride while clipped in is level 2, being able to cycle as a team probably brings you up to level 3. I would like to think this brought me to a level 4. While I still have hundreds of levels to go, its learning to deal with these things that counts.

Today we did our first 3 portraits of the ride. I didn’t get to help interview today, but I look forward to it in the future. There are some very amazing people out there who face cancer and I’ll be lucky to talk to even a few of them. After all, that is the mission of Illini 4000 and the bike Enterprise.

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  • Susan Watkins says:

    God Bless You All! God Bless America! Happy Memorial Day!
    I love you!

  • David Watkins says:

    Sound like you brushed off the flat tire with grace. Glad to hear that you understand it’s not a big deal. I’m thinking about you and sending positive energy to you and the whole group. Keep the posts coming — we support you.

  • Zamboni Tony says:

    I am extremely impressed with all of you and how you all handle yourselves. The outlook you all have is tremendously positive and refreshing in a World that doesn’t seem to want us to know people like all of you exist. I all thanked us so much, but in reality, we did so little to help, but I know it meant so much to all of you. I wish you all well on your journey, and we at the Y are going to follow your progress and cheer you on. I hope to get to talk to some of you at the end and see how the journey went and what you will remember most. Here’s to hot tubs and hamburgers, may the hills be small and your muscles stay strong. Rock on!!!

  • Irene Halko says:

    All of you are fantastic and should be very proud of yourselves.

  • Mike Shamrock says:

    Carrie, keep up the great work, your focused and on a mission to improve not only your life but others through your experience.

    PS: Who changed the tire?

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