Day One

The team had to come into Union Station 11 am on Thursday. We boxed the bikes to be able to put them on the train and then my family and friends hung out with me downtown until I had to board at 5:00. We have been on the train for roughly 27 hours now. So far it has been… Interesting. We have all gotten to the point of being pretty delirious and sleep deprived. I am sitting next to Khrystyna so we talked and listened to music all of Thursday. We tried to sleep, but it was super uncomfortable so we woke up every few hours. Today it is Friday and I spent a good chunk of the day reading The Mysterious Benedict Society in the dining cart. I was reading by a window as we were passing through West Virginia so it was a beautiful view. I wanted to read this book last semester, but unfortunately ran out of time. The rest of the day I just sat around and talked to my teammates. We are three hours away from New York City and we just found out that our stayover for tonight didn’t work out. Everyone is currently looking for a place for us to stay. We are most likely going to end up staying in hotel rooms. And in positive we are delirious because we find this situation funny and entertaining saying that it’s okay because “it’s the city that never sleeps” so it is appropriate for us to not sleep tonight………… So this never posted and a few hours later I am happy to say that we are safe in room 224 at Hotel Belclaire. Time to shower, get ready for bed, and wake up at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Zzzzz

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