Day 3: A Different Kind of Memorial Day

Start/Stop: Beacon/Albany, NYC
Weather: A little more bit warmer than preferred
Distance: 91+ miles

Happy Memorial Day! And thank you for those who have served our country and given the ultimate sacrifice.

Today was an ok start to the day. We ran a tiny bit behind, but not significantly, leaving our stay over at 7:20 AM after packing up the van, eating oatmeal, and putting on lots of sunscreen.

It was such a much less stressful ride today due to the difference in the road setup. We followed a state highway most of the trip which was mostly cycling friendly, and so were most of the drivers, which is always a good thing. Today came equipped with 2 major challenges: the long distance and the many hills. Some were long with a not as steep grade while others did have a steep climb. It sure tested those of us from the MidWest, not accustomed to this, but will prepare us for whatever comes.

It was kind of a lot of fun today because we rode through at own just before their parade started. Some people clapped and waved at us while some kids wondered why we had no candy :) The second town with a parade had already started the parade so we had to be re-routed.mthis is always a little confusing as we are not familiar with the area- so sometimes we have to pull over and check our smartphones for mapping purposes (thanks Mom and Dad!).

All in all, though, it was a good day. We had to stay very hydrated because of the heat, but that was ok.

Arriving at our stay over at the Bethlehem YMCA, we found amazing food prepared for us, burgers, hotdogs, pasta, fruit, cookies and truly anything else I could’ve wanted. The team was fed incredibly well, then had a chance to collect some portraits for the Portraits Project, use the pool/hottub, shower and sleep on the hockey rink (not frozen/wet).

Today we had a few mishaps, including a rider getting in a decent fight with the road; however, she is all patched up! There was also a bike that is needing some more involved repairs which will likely be done in a bike shop tomorrow. There were a few flats, a bee sting, and maybe other minor things, but again, happy to report that we are all doing well, settling down to bed now!

Oh! And something I did think of, if you have a child/friend/etc. on this trip who hasn’t reached out to you during this trip, it may be because there are not a ton of updates. My text history looks like: “Up and out for more riding”, “45 miles: tired”, “done. Eating a lot”. Soooo don’t hesitate to start the conversation! It may end up being more interesting than my text messages :)

That’s all for tonight! Off to another cozy night of sleep.

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