Day 0: Getting to NYC

If there is one thing that I have learned today is that there is more than one way to get to New York City. We took the 50 Cardinal from Union Station in Chicago bound for the Big Apple via Indianapolis, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington DC (our current location), and Philadelphia. It is, without any delay, about a 27 hour ride. We are currently just over 24 hours into it, but have had some decent delays around DC.

West Virginia is beautiful. It is so mountainous and the train tracks ran right along a river for several hours. We saw people fishing and white water rafting. It all looked like a lot of fun. Virginia had some beautiful farmland among rolling hills and mountains. We are just pulling more into Washington DC. You can see the Capitol building (under construction), and a few other landmarks perhaps.

Many of us brought snacks for the trip and some have bought some additional food. There have been games of Bananagrams (kind of like scrabble), some interesting versions of I-Spy, crafts, reading and plenty of sleeping. We have figured out our schedule for tomorrow and how to get to our stay-over tonight.

The van has made it to NYC safely and is just waiting for us to arrive :)

I think that we are all ready to be off the train as much fun as it is. Soon. Kind of. It will be great when we can ride bikes!!! Less than 48 hours until our first ride.

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