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Hi Friends,

For some of you, you may be wondering, what happened to Lauraleigh’s blogging, but I want to let you know that it is still happening just in a slightly different location. I am blogging through the front page of the website ( and my blogs can be found under the news and events. I try to sign my blog posts with my initials, but will be retaining my format for posts, with the day, title, start/end, mileage etc. let me know if you have any questions through the comments below and thanks for reaching out! I do apologize for any confusion.

Happy trails!

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  • Uncle Rick says:

    Hey LL,
    Let us know as soon as you can where and when we can meet you at Columbus. We are excited about seeing you!!!

    Uncle Rick

  • Laurel Kerr says:

    Hi! I’m Andrew Kerr’s mom and just want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your daily blogs. I’m guessing it must be exhausting at times to stay up and write a recap of the day. So I want to let you know that we really appreciate the information and perspective you provide. You do a terrific job!

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