Blast From the Past

Assistant Ride Leader’s Log. Bike Date 3.15-05-26.19:40

Today Tony, Lauraleigh, and I had the amazing opportunity to ride with one of the riders that rode both the first and second year of Illini 4000. Sandy was kind enough to drive an hour and a half to bring Popsicles for the entire team and they were a perfect way to cool down a bit in the 80 degree weather. I really enjoyed getting to hear about how she got involved with Illini 4000 and how she was connected to the cause. It’s really amazing how a brand new organization can have a post on a cycling website that happens to be seen by a girl from New York that had been looking to do something similar for a loved one who had cancer. I hope that we get a chance to meet more and more Illini 4000 alumni over the course of the summer because you get to learn about them as a person and why they decided to dedicate their time and energy to Illini 4000. That reminder that you are doing this ride for so many more people than just yourself is what makes the difference in tackling the next big hill.

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  • Susan Watkins says:

    What a powerful experience! We are your greatest fans cheering you on!! Loads of love, sweetheart!
    Mom and Abby

  • Mike Shamrock says:

    So how did the 90 mile leg go, OK, or nothing to it

    It definitely more than a bike ride, enjoy the experience

  • I was just visiting the Illini 4000 website, and found one of my ESAA friends among the list of riders. Glad you’re enjoying it so far. I’ve been a donor for a few years; I4K is one of my favorite student groups. Good luck!

  • Carol Watkins says:

    We are already spending too much time on the illini blog–addicted after three
    days but what a joy! MANY THANKS TO ALL!
    Someone should keep track of flat tires–maybe charge a dollar to be in the
    pool and winner take all!
    We are cheering–may need to be closer to Chicago to hear but keep peddling. SO many good wishes and Love, Gram and Gramp

  • smoxley Sandra Moxley says:

    Thank you to you and your teammates for allowing me to ride along yesterday! It was great to meet you all and a bonus to get to ride for the second half of the day! It definitely brought back many of my own I4K memories. I wish you all nothing but the best the rest of this summer and in life after I4K! Enjoy the experience it will go fast.

  • David Watkins says:

    Keep cranking, Carrie. I love you.

  • Mike Shamrock says:

    Carrie, reading the daily logs of your adventures is very enjoyable

    I am so happy for you and appreciate all of the work and effort this requires of you and your group. The daily dedications are very moving

    Keep on Pedaling

    Happy Trails to you

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